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Residential Design


At Abel Drafting Services, you can expect well-designed residential home construction for each job we take on. Before we start on your design, our team will take the time to get to know your needs and your preferences. We will design a home that meets all of your needs, and we will be sure to include features that will truly make your house feel like a home.

To make our services more convenient for you, Abel Drafting Services provides all clients with plans and documentation for council development approval and subsequent certificate of likely compliance. During the design and planning stage, we provide extensive documentation for the client to understand and follow the development of design plus a 3D virtual reality model which can be manipulated at home on your computer screen. We use Vectorworks, a preferred CAD system, to help you visualise your new home. This software allows clients to easily approve or reject certain features of the home design and engineering. Our documentation also includes an ENERGY STAR rating, which measures energy efficiency and more.


We provide an ENERGY STAR rating of your existing dwelling to provide you with an assessment of the thermal performance of your house. Abel Drafting Services creates designs that strive for a rating of a minimum of 6 Stars, which is a requirement for new dwellings.

With our technology and expertise, we make it easy for homeowners to consider possible home improvements to minimise the energy requirements of your residence if needed. To learn more about how to increase your home’s energy efficiency through home improvements, please contact us today. Our designers would also love to discuss your ideas for a new home. Speak with our professionals today.
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